linville gorge


two weeks ago i was lucky enough to spend three days backpacking in linville gorge. the gorge is all designated wilderness, and is renowned for its rugged trails, grueling climbs, and picaresque river. linville did not disappoint. highlights include: ripe blueberries, blooming mountain laurel, camping along the river, climbing table rock, swimming in the ice cold river post hike, and teaching my brother to eat sourwood. here are some pictures my brother took. Continue reading “linville gorge”


the time has come to harvest my garlic. i planted a beautiful purple italian heirloom garlic last october, and i was beyond pleased with the results. total, i harvested about 20 heads – a few have been used ‘green’, and the rest we have set out to cure for two weeks. i wanted to grow garlic because it is a huge staple in our lives – we eat it raw and fermented for medicine, and we add copious amounts of it to virtually every dish we cook.  Continue reading “garlic “

acadia pt two: plants & rocks

my favorite part of visiting acadia was experiencing the multitude of ecosystems and microsystems. life thrives on the huge slabs of granite in the ocean just as well as it does deep in the spruce-fir forest. lichens and mosses abound. highbush blueberries in bloom. but the birch trees took the cake. up north, they are stately and dominant. at times they are the sole hardwood growing among the spruce and fir. they command your attention. Continue reading “acadia pt two: plants & rocks”


maine! what a unique and beautiful place. a blend of rocky ocean coasts and moss carpeted forests. where everyone lives on a homestead. how lucky i am that andrew’s family brought me along for a trip to the great north. this was my first destination vacation in years and it brought a blend of reading, hiking, beer drinking, and family time – all of my favorite things. Continue reading “maine”


what i do when i’m leaving for vacation and have a ton of food i don’t want to go to waste: throw a dinner party. this time i made el salvadoran pupusas, which are little tortilla cakes filled with cheese. i also used tomatoes from our csa to make salsa and kohlrabi-cabbage-carrots to make the traditional curtido slaw that accompanies the pupusas.  Continue reading “pupusa”