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welcome to root lore

founded in 2017, root lore is a project exploring healthy, sustainable living in connection with the natural world. our ventures include root lore goods, a shop of handcrafted botanical goods, and the root lore blog, a library of information about homesteading, plants, craft, personal finance, and self care.

root lore goods

root lore goods offers nature-based personal care items and earth-friendly home wares. handcrafted, small-batch, process-focused botanical goods. slow herbal infusions. plant magick. lessening the impact on the earth and our selves. made with love. our herbal products are made with organic and ethically sourced herbs and carrier oils. our home wares empower you to care for the earth.


root lore goods was founded as a place for me to share offerings from my homestead with others who, like me, are seeking alternatives to mass-produced synthetic personal care products. all my offerings are the result of six years of practicing homesteading and teaching myself herbalism, ecology, and botany.

i am inspired by the abundance of nature and craft my wares based on the belief that each person has the right to create a happy, healthy, and sustainable life.

root lore blog

i write about how diverse aspects of life can be re-designed or rethought to care for the natural world and ourselves. i explore the topics of homesteading, personal finance, nature connection, craft, and self-care, informed by my own journey. i’m an all around plant-person and DIY queen, so you will find my writing infused with a love for nature and an attitude of personal power.


i want to empower you to tend to the ecosystems around you and within you. i believe that all our actions are interconnected and meaningful. aligning our actions and daily practices with our beliefs is a powerful way to bring about positive change in ourselves and our world. we live in a time where humanity’s relationships with each other and our earth seem fraught with conflict and destruction – this can lead to feelings of helplessness and loneliness. my message is that we can heal these relationships by choosing empowering actions every day and thus building sustainable, healthy lifestyles.

in addition to blogging, i self publish zines related to all these topics – they can be found here in my shop. my mission is to create as much free content as possible, so my blog will always be free to read.

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