some days, my job sucks the life out of me. but there are other days that hardly feel like work. last friday, i got to spend the day hiking all over one of our greenspace properties (a future park) and taking gps inventory of approximately 4 miles of ‘backcountry’ trails. this site is not open to the public (yet) and includes some of the most beautiful natural resources in the county – a holly forest, tons of ridges of creeks, and a massive stand of river cane. 

we are in the process of completing the master plan for the park and hope to seek mayor & commission approval sometime this year. i really hope this park gets built, as the land has such much to offer the citizens of our town. it feels like you are out in the national forest! as folks continue to seek ways to reconnect with nature, we need to step up and fill our role by providing them with top quality recreational and educational opportunities. i think this site offers the best of both. here are some pictures from my day:

a tuliptree so large, it would take three of us to properly hug it.

baby fern. perhaps christmas fern?

part of the american holly forest. so stunning in the winter.

RIVER CANE! a plant that highly valued by native peoples for its wide variety of uses.

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