28 day yoga

i’m taking up a little 28 day yoga challenge for the month of february. every day this month, i will practice on my very own – no videos, no classes, just my own intuition and music. i’ve been practicing daily yoga for two whole years now and have developed a pretty good toolbelt of poses, flows, and mantras. i just finished YWA’s yoga revolution, and it has inspired me to explore my practice on a more personal level. i’m hoping to incorporate some aromatherapy, massage, and and random bursts of dance when curtis mayfield comes on.

today was my first day and my mantra was – i am hopeful.

there’s a lot of uncertainty right now – in the world and in my personal life. i get caught up and expend so much energy worrying about what will come next, and if it will be unpleasant or uncomfortable.

poses – cat/ dog, low lunge, wide legged forward fold, crow, yogi bicycles, reclined cobbler’s

playlist –

  1. both sides now – joni mitchell
  2. turn into something – animal collective
  3. blue letter – fleetwood mac
  4. blue jean jacket – ruby the rabbitfoot
  5. move on up – curtis mayfield
  6. vapor trail – ride
  7. do you believe in rapture? – sonic youth
  8. stay with me – spiritualized

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