soul mate

mondays suck, but they are always better with this little guy in tow. i swear this cat is my soul mate. he and i bonded from day one, and anyone who knows him will tell you he’s not just a cat. he intuits my moods and reacts in very specific ways. when i’m having a fit of depression, he comes and lays in bed with me – far enough away that we’re not touching, but close enough that i know he’s there. when i get panicky and an attack sets in, he struts around the house yowling as if to try to distract me. and when i’m incapacitated with a headache, he lays right up against my chest and purrs and purrs.

living with animals is strange and awesome. i would give anything to know what they’re thinking. especially our three cats, who are extremely vocal. we often look at them and wonder – what are you trying to communicate to me!!

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