little things

frazzled and stressed, i took a walk after dinner tonight. there’s been so much on my plate and mind at work and home over the last two weeks, with lots of change looming.   i got off the phone with A and my mind started racing again. then i smelled something sweet – a magnolia blossom. i smelled it to my hearts content and suddenly all was well. sometimes i have to tell mysef that all my worries won’t matter one year, five years from now. that the path i’m om is tough now but that doesn’t mean its not worthwhile. and also, celebrate how far i’ve come in the last year. last summer i was having panic attacks regularly. i was generally miserable and hated myself and my life. i was depressed and absolutey controlled by my anxiety. here i am a year later, and instead of letting the anxiety incapacitate me, i’m smelling a flower, smiling, and giving thanks for the little things. 

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