what i do when i’m leaving for vacation and have a ton of food i don’t want to go to waste: throw a dinner party. this time i made el salvadoran pupusas, which are little tortilla cakes filled with cheese. i also used tomatoes from our csa to make salsa and kohlrabi-cabbage-carrots to make the traditional curtido slaw that accompanies the pupusas. 

the pupusas weren’t that hard to make! first, you make a simple dough with equal parts masa hairina and water, and a bit of salt. the filling i made was cheese, cilantro, lime juice, and child powder.

you form little patties of dough out, fill them with stuffing, pinch all the sides up into a dumpling, then flatten it with a plate.

i made almost 60 pupusas and they were pretty good for my first try!

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