rva! last weekend we drove up to richmond to meet my brother and his girl, and andrew’s best friend. i had zero idea what richmond was going to be like, and i loved it! the city is amazing – public art everywhere, the james river, historic buildings and architecture, food …

i arrived late friday after a grueling drive. we airbnb’ed a basement in the house of a folk artist. there was art on every surface, the house was a total trip. we ate a tray of homemade ziti i brought, then headed to a historic district called shockoe bottom for a ghost tour. it was a little touristy, but i loved strolled the old neighborhood in the dark hearing about the civil war ghosts and the richmond vampire!


saturday morning i had to get up real early to pick andrew up from the bus station. he wanted to sleep a little, so the three of the slept in while i walked to a local coffee shop. i swear every person there knew each other. post coffee i had a lovely yoga in the backyard practice, then we all walked to the farmers market in a nearby park. after that we geared up for pony pastures – a section of the james you can swim in. we swam all morning long, floating down small rapids, climbing on rocks – it was a badass swimming hole.


mid-afternoon we met up with andrew’s friend for a tour of the fan, with stops at local coffee roasters and awesome murals. we hit up the VMFA which is a fantastic art museum – one of the best i’ve ever seen – and free! then we walked over to carytown, poked around in some shops … and tina and i got tattoos on a whim! mine’s the owl cave petroglyph from twin peaks 😀


we spent the night eating pizza and drinking at mellow mushroom, then winding down on the southern front porch at our airbnb. sunday morning brunch was had a GWARBAR, then we all parted ways. i love rva and can’t wait to go back!


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