i’m by no means a folk artist (or any kind of artist for that matter), but i’ve always held a deep appreciation for folk art, specifically the tenet of re-purposing unwanted items. andrew and i have been collecting used bottlecaps for four years now! we have over 300 unique caps. originally, we were going to cover the surface of a side table with them, but now we have so many i’m not sure what we’ll do. it would be awesome to collect enough to cover a square table, then lay a piece of plexiglass across the caps for a smooth surface … this would be a perfect card table. we’re also open to ideas! and bottlecaps! family and friends have been send them to us. we’re pretty covered on beers available in the southeast and the midwest, but would love caps from other parts of the country 🙂

1 thought on “bottlecaps”

  1. For a long time I did the same – I like gluing magnets to the back of the caps (you can get thick round ones at craft stores, or glue in some wood to fill the cap and a flat magnet on top) and then creating different mosaics on the fridge! It’s nice because you can constantly be creating new designs. 🙂


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