making herbal oils


herbal oils, or herbal oil infusions, are used for culinary, cosmetic, and medicinal purposes. i make herbal oils for use in salves, balms, and lotions. herbs are soaked in a carrier oil for a specified amount of time, pressed and decanted before being put to use. during the soaking (or digestion) process, the oil soaks up the medicinal (soothing, pain-relieving, cooling) and desirable (aroma, color) characteristics of the herb. it sounds simple, but i find making oils to be messy and time consuming, but so worth it! this is a post about how i make my herbal oils Continue reading “making herbal oils”


skillet cake


all summer long we got tons of blueberries from the farm through our CSA. i made muffins, biscuits, smoothies, and this cake with them, yet i still had excess blueberries! so i froze them for a rainy day aka the hell that is No Fresh Produce for Two Months (georgia’s short winter). blueberries are super easy to freeze – just spread them on a tray with parchment paper, and once they’re fully frozen corral them into a bag. or i like to save the little plastic clamshells berries and tomatoes from the store come in, and reuse them for holding frozen fruit. this blueberry skillet cake is a great use for frozen blueberries! Continue reading “skillet cake”

diy: temperature controller


i feel like we lead a pretty simple life, until i spend an entire morning building a highly specialized tool for a niche job like rising sourdough bread and infusing herbal oils.┬átoday my mom and i built a temperature controller which will be used to turn a camping cooler into a chamber for rising bread, infusing oil, making yogurt, and anything else that requires temps in the range of 80-110 degrees. Continue reading “diy: temperature controller”

root lore goods


good evening blog readers! it is with great pleasure that i announce the official opening of my etsy shop, Root Lore Goods. root lore goods is a one woman show offering homestead crafts and herbal delights. everything in my shop is handmade by me, down to the drawings on my labels and business cards! many of the herbs used in my offerings are also grown right here on this little rental homestead. you will find a link to my shop in the header of the blog home page from now on. Continue reading “root lore goods”


three weeks ago we picked up half a bushel of apples after a weekend in the mountains. strangely, it was snowing that morning. the first snow i’d seen in years. we buy our apples from an orchard in rabun county, up in the georgia mountains. they have massive pigs and fields of blackberries and pumpkins everywhere, along with all the cheesy goods like 50 flavors of hot sauce and little bags of polished rocks. i love going there. Continue reading “apples”

simple living: household


household items are one of the first areas of consumption i reduced on my journey to live a simpler and less wasteful lifestyle. things like paper towels, a different cleaning agent for every surface of the house, and various fancy tools for scrubbing add up surprisingly fast once you start tracking your expenses. we all need to maintain our homes and selves, so instead of cutting these items all together, i have sought homemade and upcycled alternatives.

Continue reading “simple living: household”

autumn crafts


autumn, finally! i’ve been having a hard time getting into the mood because it’s been so  hot here, but putting up some fall decorations helped! i feel that decorating for the seasons helps me get more in tune with nature’s cycles. i like to keep my decorations handmade and inspired by what’s currently happening in nature. here are a few easy fall crafts i’ve put together over the years.

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post-job life


exactly one month ago i quit my full-time job.

the essential piece for me is that my time is finally my own. i don’t have to say no to family and friend get together’s anymore; i can stay up late guilt-free if the book i’m reading is so good i can’t put it down; i have time for yoga twice a day and wholesome cooking and laying in the grass just to feel the sun on my face. Continue reading “post-job life”