the importance of personal finance

money-wise, 2018 is not starting out great. i've been hit by a number of big ticket expense items, with more to come. today i'm reflecting on the importance of cultivating a relationship with your finances. due to well-thought out financial planning, i've been able to absorb pricey unforeseen expenses with little stress, and continue to… Continue reading the importance of personal finance

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recovering from the holidays

i adore the holiday season - i'm lucky in that for me it means lots of time with family, warm and cozy homes, and so much delicious food. but the six months between thanksgiving and new years also take a lot out of me, and i suspect others feel similarly. the rush to get all… Continue reading recovering from the holidays

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financial independence

if you aren't a personal finance nerd, you may not have heard of or know what the terms 'financial independence' and 'early retirement' mean. today i will discuss these ideas, along with how they fit into my story and how you can adapt them into your own life. there is a stigma to talking about… Continue reading financial independence

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defining money

today i'm defining the concept of money. how we think about money in our lives is at the core of personal finances, but the idea of money is often abstract, scary, and confusing. now that i have more free time, i'm going to start writing more about money in the hopes that my experiences can… Continue reading defining money


let’s start talking about money

i started my old blog, the barefoot budget, three years ago when i took up the goal of financial independence in earnest. i wrote quite a bit about personal finance, a topic still dear to my heart. i don't write about money much anymore, partially because my beliefs have been solidified but also because i… Continue reading let’s start talking about money