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the folk school

today marks one full week since i moved to the john c campbell folk school in brasstown, north carolina. the experience has already been incredible and i’m meeting all sorts of folks and learning new things. if you’re interested in my day to day life up at the folk school, read on! honestly, i didn't… Continue reading the folk school

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spring around the homestead

the second half of february blessed us southerners with mild temperatures and plenty of rain. nature took advantage and green of every shade burst forth onto the drab grey stick season palate. this winter was particularly boring for our homestead, devoid of exciting planning. since we are moving and travelling all summer, we will not… Continue reading spring around the homestead


the importance of outside

in my last post, i discussed the importance of personal finance in living a secure and happy life. today i'm writing about another important element of (my) life - being outside. outside encompasses a variety of experiences, and i believe that connecting to the world outside allows us to live planet-conscious and meaningful lives. in… Continue reading the importance of outside

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seasonal change

a few weeks before i quit my job, i was out hiking alone and enjoying the summery woodland vibes. i was thinking about what i wanted my life to look like post-conventional job. i wrote a list in my head of "agreements"- benchmark beliefs that i want to guide my life. one of these agreements… Continue reading seasonal change