we spent the weekend at a much higher elevation and it is evident that winter is coming. the trees were bare, save the last of the maples holding onto yellow and red leaves. i like winter because the forest floor comes alive. the christmas ferns and partridge berry vines and the mosses and lichens shine through the brown, crunchy leaves. everything rests.

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seasonal change


a few weeks before i quit my job, i was out hiking alone and enjoying the summery woodland vibes. i was thinking about what i wanted my life to look like post-conventional job. i wrote a list in my head of “agreements”- benchmark beliefs that i want to guide my life. one of these agreements was – to live and work in closer connection with nature. with the seasonal changes, this agreement has been at the forefront of my mind. Continue reading “seasonal change”

yonah mountain


i’ve lived in north georgia for five years now, and can’t believe i never visited mount yonah until this past week. yonah is one of the southernmost mountains of the north ga range, and as such has sweeping views in many directions. the iconic mountain has a sheer rock face on one side that the us army uses for rock climbing training. my mom and i hiked it the other day – two miles straight up, two miles straight back down, and well worth it.

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linville gorge


two weeks ago i was lucky enough to spend three days backpacking in linville gorge. the gorge is all designated wilderness, and is renowned for its rugged trails, grueling climbs, and picaresque river. linville did not disappoint. highlights include: ripe blueberries, blooming mountain laurel, camping along the river, climbing table rock, swimming in the ice cold river post hike, and teaching my brother to eat sourwood. here are some pictures my brother took. Continue reading “linville gorge”