financial independence

if you aren’t a personal finance nerd, you may not have heard of or know what the terms ‘financial independence’ and ‘early retirement’ mean. today i will discuss these ideas, along with how they fit into my story and how you can adapt them into your own life.

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dark days


today 2017 passed into december and i’ve returned to my home in north georgia for three weeks. upon my arrival i noticed our maples finally dropped their lackluster leaves … and that it’s still warm and muggy enough that my echinacea, blanket flower, and yarrow is blooming. yesterday on an afternoon jog i even spotted a redbud tree that was budding out on it’s lower branches – what a confused soul.

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diy: temperature controller


i feel like we lead a pretty simple life, until i spend an entire morning building a highly specialized tool for a niche job like rising sourdough bread and infusing herbal oils.┬átoday my mom and i built a temperature controller which will be used to turn a camping cooler into a chamber for rising bread, infusing oil, making yogurt, and anything else that requires temps in the range of 80-110 degrees. Continue reading “diy: temperature controller”

root lore goods


good evening blog readers! it is with great pleasure that i announce the official opening of my etsy shop, Root Lore Goods. root lore goods is a one woman show offering homestead crafts and herbal delights. everything in my shop is handmade by me, down to the drawings on my labels and business cards! many of the herbs used in my offerings are also grown right here on this little rental homestead. you will find a link to my shop in the header of the blog home page from now on. Continue reading “root lore goods”

let’s start talking about money


i started my old blog, the barefoot budget, three years ago when i took up the goal of financial independence in earnest. i wrote quite a bit about personal finance, a topic still dear to my heart. i don’t write about money much anymore, partially because my beliefs have been solidified but also because i felt unauthentic preaching about money, a highly personal topic, on the internet. as i work to migrate content from the old blog over here though, i enjoy re-reading some of my first posts, even if i do cringe a bit at my naive hubris. in my world, personal finance is as much a part of my mission as living in close connection with nature – it is a another facet of the lifestyle i choose, and one that is important and under-discussed outside of the personal finance community.

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seasonal change


a few weeks before i quit my job, i was out hiking alone and enjoying the summery woodland vibes. i was thinking about what i wanted my life to look like post-conventional job. i wrote a list in my head of “agreements”- benchmark beliefs that i want to guide my life. one of these agreements was – to live and work in closer connection with nature. with the seasonal changes, this agreement has been at the forefront of my mind. Continue reading “seasonal change”

morning ritual


it’s been three months since i quit my full time job. i discover and experience new emotions and states of being every week. one thing that’s become prominent lately, now that i’m home in athens, is that life without a conventional job schedule lacks structure. and the lack of structure is difficult for me. to solve this void, i’ve created different schedules for myself – one of which is my morning ritual.

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