mid-may brought to a close my nine-week tenure at the john c. campbell folk school in the north carolina mountains. i already discussed how living in nature became an integral part of this experience. the main reason i went to the folk school though was to learn and practice craft - the topic of today's… Continue reading craft


spring shop update

the shop is still open throughout my travels! my partner, andrew, generously offered to assist with shipping orders while i'm away. a number of items have been added to the shop which were made for the valentine's day market i participated in. new items include linen napkins, beeswax wraps, two new zines, a bedtime balm,… Continue reading spring shop update

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the folk school

today marks one full week since i moved to the john c campbell folk school in brasstown, north carolina. the experience has already been incredible and i’m meeting all sorts of folks and learning new things. if you’re interested in my day to day life up at the folk school, read on! honestly, i didn't… Continue reading the folk school


life updates

i took an extended break from blogging because for a few weeks, my daily life was full of other activities demanding my attention. in the last month i've been busy creating and writing and planning and working and resting and tending. here's a little update about my personal life. going back to work in january… Continue reading life updates

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recovering from the holidays

i adore the holiday season - i'm lucky in that for me it means lots of time with family, warm and cozy homes, and so much delicious food. but the six months between thanksgiving and new years also take a lot out of me, and i suspect others feel similarly. the rush to get all… Continue reading recovering from the holidays

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financial independence

if you aren't a personal finance nerd, you may not have heard of or know what the terms 'financial independence' and 'early retirement' mean. today i will discuss these ideas, along with how they fit into my story and how you can adapt them into your own life. there is a stigma to talking about… Continue reading financial independence


dark days

today 2017 passed into december and i've returned to my home in north georgia for three weeks. upon my arrival i noticed our maples finally dropped their lackluster leaves ... and that it's still warm and muggy enough that my echinacea, blanket flower, and yarrow is blooming. yesterday on an afternoon jog i even spotted… Continue reading dark days

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diy: temperature controller

i feel like we lead a pretty simple life, until i spend an entire morning building a highly specialized tool for a niche job like rising sourdough bread and infusing herbal oils. today my mom and i built a temperature controller which will be used to turn a camping cooler into a chamber for rising bread,… Continue reading diy: temperature controller

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root lore goods

good evening blog readers! it is with great pleasure that i announce the official opening of my etsy shop, Root Lore Goods. root lore goods is a one woman show offering homestead crafts and herbal delights. everything in my shop is handmade by me, down to the drawings on my labels and business cards! many… Continue reading root lore goods