simple living: household


household items are one of the first areas of consumption i reduced on my journey to live a simpler and less wasteful lifestyle. things like paper towels, a different cleaning agent for every surface of the house, and various fancy tools for scrubbing add up surprisingly fast once you start tracking your expenses. we all need to maintain our homes and selves, so instead of cutting these items all together, i have sought homemade and upcycled alternatives.

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let’s start talking about money


i started my old blog, the barefoot budget, three years ago when i took up the goal of financial independence in earnest. i wrote quite a bit about personal finance, a topic still dear to my heart. i don’t write about money much anymore, partially because my beliefs have been solidified but also because i felt unauthentic preaching about money, a highly personal topic, on the internet. as i work to migrate content from the old blog over here though, i enjoy re-reading some of my first posts, even if i do cringe a bit at my naive hubris. in my world, personal finance is as much a part of my mission as living in close connection with nature – it is a another facet of the lifestyle i choose, and one that is important and under-discussed outside of the personal finance community.

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seasonal change


a few weeks before i quit my job, i was out hiking alone and enjoying the summery woodland vibes. i was thinking about what i wanted my life to look like post-conventional job. i wrote a list in my head of “agreements”- benchmark beliefs that i want to guide my life. one of these agreements was – to live and work in closer connection with nature. with the seasonal changes, this agreement has been at the forefront of my mind. Continue reading “seasonal change”

autumn crafts


autumn, finally! i’ve been having a hard time getting into the mood because it’s been so  hot here, but putting up some fall decorations helped! i feel that decorating for the seasons helps me get more in tune with nature’s cycles. i like to keep my decorations handmade and inspired by what’s currently happening in nature. here are a few easy fall crafts i’ve put together over the years.

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morning ritual


it’s been three months since i quit my full time job. i discover and experience new emotions and states of being every week. one thing that’s become prominent lately, now that i’m home in athens, is that life without a conventional job schedule lacks structure. and the lack of structure is difficult for me. to solve this void, i’ve created different schedules for myself – one of which is my morning ritual.

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oktoberfest thru the years


we love beer. we love pretzels. we LOVE cooking and feeding all our friends. thus was born oktoberfest three years ago. for the first annual oktoberfest, we made our own lederhosen and dirndl (this year i have an authentic dirndl i made!), created a twelve hour playlist of polka, and cooked for days. i mean, days! in one week we are hosting our fourth and biggest oktoberfest yet. in the meantime, here is a look back at our first three parties. Continue reading “oktoberfest thru the years”

yonah mountain


i’ve lived in north georgia for five years now, and can’t believe i never visited mount yonah until this past week. yonah is one of the southernmost mountains of the north ga range, and as such has sweeping views in many directions. the iconic mountain has a sheer rock face on one side that the us army uses for rock climbing training. my mom and i hiked it the other day – two miles straight up, two miles straight back down, and well worth it.

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